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Fields of Specialisation

We are award-winning engineers in the following areas of speciality:-

Wharves & Marine Facilities
Wharves, Dolphins, Ferry Landing Facilities, Seawalls, Offshore Structures. Study of incidents, Study of Up-rating of Berth Capacity, Study of Mooring of Vessels, Study of 4-point Mooring, Study of Berthing, Study of Conversion of Usage of Building, Design of complete Jetty Structures and Topsides

Prefabricated / Precast Structures
Specialist in design and installation of prefabricated steel and precast concrete structures

In-Plant Engineering
Refinery, Piping, Structures, Tank Foundations, Equipment Foundations, Drainage Systems, Blast-proof Buildings, Offices, Switch Houses, Workshops, Warehouses, Air-conditioning Systems. Tankfarms, Sludge farm, Slops & Deballasting Facilities, Controlled Discharged Facilities, Refinery Drainage, Metering & Microfiltering Facilities, Liftpot Facilities, Blender Facilities, Compressor Stations, Seawater Intake Structures, Dynamic Analysis of structures

Long Span Structures
Innovative Long Span Column-Free Structures for Stadiums, Sports Complexes, Auditoriums, Swimming Pools, Bridges