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In-Plant Engineering Albert Loh Consultants In-Plant Engineering
We have been involved in numerous in-plant projects with workshops, tankfarms, piperacks, tank foundations, bridges, culverts, Blast resistant buildings, warehouses, switch houses, fire fighting systems and other plant facilities such as controlled discharge facilities, seawater intake structures for clients such as Shell, Mobil, Exxon, Chevron, Oronite, Tankstore, BP,Caltex, SRC, PCS, Glaxochem, SOXAL, IPG and Bayer.

We have designed in-plant foundations, structures and buildings for petrochemical plants, refineries, the Air Separation Facilities for IPG at Pulau Ayer Chawan and for the Hydrogen Plant for SOXAL on Jurong Island.

We are familiar with designing blast-resistant buildings such as control buildings, FAR buildings, switch houses, laboratories, etc. We have also upgraded existing buildings to meet more stringent blast resistant requirements.

We have assisted Tankstore in carrying out the planning and basic engineering of their major tankfarm expansion project.

We are familiar with dynamic analysis and equipment vibration, and dynamic resonance of structures and foundations.