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Long Span Structures Albert Loh Consulants Long Span
Albert Loh Consulants Long Span
A W A R D    W I N N I N G
E  N  G  I  N  E  E  R  I  N  G
  • Our design for long span steel roof of more than 160m long over main grandstand of Jalan Besar Stadium won Singapore Structural Steel Society's Inaugural Structural Steel Design Award for Distinguish Use of Structural Steel for its Aesthetics, Innovation and Cost Effectiveness.

  • Our design for large span steel roof over swimming pools and sports hall of Singapore Sports School won Merit at Singapore Structural Steel Society's Steel Design Award for Creative and Innovative use of Steel.

  • Our design for bridge over Alexandra Link won Merit Prize at Urban Redevelopment Authority's Southern Ridge Bridge Design Competition.

  • In addition, we have received letters and tokens of appreciation from our clients for excellent service.